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Our Story

About us

Two young entrepreneurs shared the dream of offering the opportunity to taste traditional Neapolitan cuisine in a new way.

In 2017, this dream comes to life. Near Piazza Vittoria and the Villa Comunale, in the heart of Naples, Signora Bettola opens her doors ready to welcome and satisfy the demanding palates of Neapolitans and tourists who crowd the streets of Naples.

Menc non elit libero.

Step by step, Signora Bettola conquered a place in your hearts.
But our strenght primarly come from your words...

"Typic Neapolitan location, from the furniture to the crockery to present the dishes, the true Neapolitan food which respects traditions with flying colors! The pasta and potatoes were very good! The staff was very cordial and helpful! We will come back for sure!"
The Fork

"A very suggestive location, an immersion in the Neapolitan popular culture, very good quality food, fast service and very nice waiters. Fair prices. Absolutely to be recommended"
The Fork

"It's always a pleasure to come back at Signora Bettola. It's hard to find a negative note in the experience. The location is tidy and enhances the concept of a Neapolitan tavern. The cuisine is not far behind. The fried food, parmigiana and meatballs are super, the main courses are very special"
The Fork

"It's not the first time that we have a dinner in this tavern and I have to admit that every time is a confirmation. Traditional Neapolitan cuisine in a very characteristic location and in a very quiet area. Very good dishes from the starters to the desserts. Very recommended!"

"Signora Bettola is one of those places where not only the tourists can taste the true Neapolitan cuisine but also a place where the Neapolitans (like me) can feel really at home. This is guaranteed by a hospitality and service that combines ability and sympathy and by a faithful reproduction of the traditional recipes"