Cusine – Trattoria Signora Bettola – Napoli

Love and tradition on our table


Here at Signora Bettola we aren’t afraid to get the hands on the tradition: we make it our point of strength. We bring on our tables the old flavors of the past, enriched by the masterly touch of our chefs. Ragù, parmigiana, genovese and much more find new life in our cuisine.


Neapolitan cuisine boasts a secular tradition. Its dishes have always charmed the most “demanding” palates, combining with love the simplest ingredients to make them real masterpieces of taste famous all over the world. And our chefs have made tradition the strong point of Signora Bettola.


The only way to truly honor the tradition is to don’t be afraid to make it your own. Thus, here at Signora Bettola we put our heart in every dish adding a touch of innovation, so that the Neapolitan cuisine can evolve following new tendencies and experimentation in the preparation and presentation of the dishes, while maintaining its roots.

Our Products

A good dish always starts from the choice of the right products. This is the reason why here at Signora Bettola we honor the Neapolitan dishes by carefully choosing the best local products, ensuring freshness and taste of our ingredients until the last bite.